Jonathan has worked for Blue Pro mastering since 2012 and is the main mastering engineer for the work they do. gros:soda is a production duo of Jonathan McMillan and Bastien Testori where they work on some FAT pop music Jonathan sometimes called Jono is a Sound Engineer and he has a website talking specifically about this and what he can be hired for.
Jono maanges a studio in East London called Smokehouse Studios and spends a lot of his life there sound engineering
Two Pence Records is Jonathan's record label focused on getting really talented people to make quick cost effective records so the world can enjoy how brilliant the best studios talents are
Even in London Jonathan is still a proud Canadian. JT as he is know there grew up in Canada and his mother wrote a book about JT's brother Jeff who died of cancer. Jonathan when he was really young published the book online thorugh this website and it is still used today to help people. Jonathan is a Christian and attends and is involved in his church life and St Luke's Millwall, this is where you can find him on a Sunday. Jonathan loves his family very much and one way he tries to show it is by making funny videos of them and posting them up on the internet, have a look at the adventures of Jennifer, Maxwell and Zoe.